taking gote in error


The difference between Sente or gote can be large. If you do the same thing in gote that could also be done in sente, that is a big difference - you lose a whole move. Players obviously will prefer sente sequences, other things being equal.


Black gote  

(We assume that the region to the right is Black's territory.)

B2 takes gote. White has made a local gain. Black's threat is at a, OC, which transposes to the next diagram.


If Black plays first in the original position, B1 captures the white+circle stones. But now if W2, Black will not respond at B3. This shows why B2 is gote in the above diagram.

Black sente  

By the sacrifice of B2, Black takes sente.

Question: In this position White plays elsewhere, has Black taken sente? Or to put it another way, is this a very good example of the subject in question. I don't say that I am right or wrong, only that I am unconvinced. Black's best local follow up seems to be at a, which is not obviously a must answer move.

Black gote  

Miai analysis follows. 2nd diagram is the questionable part, as black may have better alternatives to B4. This analysis presumes W3 and W5 are sente.

There is no B4 in the second diagram on this page.

Referring to the second diagram below this text. Added a pointer next to the diagram.

Definition: B gote: B=0  
W gote: W=7  

Whether black plays B4 or not can be disputed.

Expectation = A(B=0, W=7) = W=3.5  
Let 1-2 and count the score. If W takes gote, W=6  

[This diagram has been edited. Previously, black mistakenly got the B5 - W7 exchange in sente, which is impossible.)

If B takes gote, either B=1 or W=2, ie. W=0.5.  

A(W=6, W=0.5) = W=3.25, which is less than W=3.5 for white. Black does not take a loss by answering white's first-line jump. QED.

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