Taking a friendly game too seriously


Well, some of you might disagree, but I think it's another bad habit to take friendly games too serious. Note: we are not talking about tournament games here.

Think of a game in your local club, nice atmosphere. You are playing a friend and although you both try to win, the atmosphere is relaxed. You chat while you play, you may be drinking or eating, anything. On the board, your highest priority is to play good moves, learn something out of it, not to utterly destroy your opponent.

You are playing a nice game (the score is close), when suddenly you make that stupid 50 point blunder (e.g. putting your stones in auto-atari).

And your opponent captures. As simple as that. The game is over.

Sure, your opponent played by the rules and taking back a move is a bad habit, but I never even would consider capturing such stones. It's against the spirit of the situation. Note: if you ride a fierce attack and that 50 point group falls prey to your clever strategy: fine, you earned it. But simply destroying a beautiful game for that unsatisfactory win is a bad habit, which really, really annoys me.

To top that: I once played a game, where my opponent made such a mistake. I pointed it out to him and allowed him to take back that move. Fifty moves later (early yose) I made such a mistake. And he captured!

Sheesh, some people take this game way too serious.


Anonymous: I agree, once I played this guy on some server and I let him take back about 10 moves. When I asked for a redo he refused

Anonymous: I disagree here. Even when playing friendly game I expect opponent to punish my blunders. How else am I going to improve. Having a mentality, even subconsciously that moves are not final things you should think about hard is not at all conductive to good go I feel.

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