Songs About Go

Go players have been creating some songs to honor Go. Titles and lyrics can be found below. Some songs and lyrics are based upon "traditional songs". Perhaps some SL user might want to create a sound archive ... :-)

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Song Titles as Go Proverbs

A list of song titles, which are suitable to become a Go proverb (or to provide tips for common game "dilemmas"):

Japanese Music

  • "Tsuru no Sugomori" (traditional piece for shakuhachi)

English Song Titles

  • 3LW: "Gettin' Too Heavy"
  • Abba: "The Winner Takes It All"
  • Abba: "Waterloo"
  • AC/DC: "Highway to Hell"
  • Arch Enemy: "Dead Eyes See No Future"
  • Beatles: "Help"
  • Beatles: "Let It Be"
  • Bocelli, Andrea: "Time to Say Goodbye"
  • Buckley, Jeff: "EternalLife"
  • Cardigans: "My Favorite Game"
  • Carmen, Eric: "Hungry Eyes"
  • Children Of Bodom: "Towards Dead End"
  • Cline, Patsy: "Baby You're Stronger Than Me"
  • Cradle Of Filth: "Dusk and Her Embrace"
  • Dido: "This Land Is Mine"
  • Dimmu Borgir: "In Death´s Embrace"
  • Dimmu Borgir: "Master of Disharmony"
  • Doors: "Break on Through"
  • Dylan, Bob: "Quit Your Low Down Ways"
  • Europe: "Final Countdown"
  • Eurythmics: "Let's Go!"
  • Frankie Goes To Hollywood: "Relax! (Don't Do It)" (applies if you are in doubt whether or not to dare a risky move)
  • Garfunkel, Art: "Bright Eyes"
  • Good, Matthew: "[ext] Avalanche"
  • Guns N' Roses: "Live and Let Die" (originally by Paul McCartney & Wings)
  • Guns N' Roses: "Welcome to the Jungle"
  • Halen, Van: "Jump"
  • HIM: "Resurrection"
  • Hirai Ken: Aika (Elegy) (refrain: kono te de... with this hand)
  • Houston, Whitney: "I Have Nothing"
  • Idol, Billy: "Eyes Without a Face"
  • In Flames: "Like You Better Dead"
  • Jocasta: "Go"
  • Jovi, Bon: "Living on a Prayer"
  • KISS: "Nowhere to Run"
  • Kool & the Gang: "Cherish the Life"
  • Korn: "Alive"
  • Ladytron: "Fighting In Built Up Areas"
  • Lennon, John: "Give Peace a Chance"
  • Mamas and the Papas: "Daydream Believer"
  • Mayfield, Curtis: "Stone Junkie"
  • Megadeth: "Wake Up Dead"
  • Metallica : "Shoot Me Again" (.. I´m not dead yet)
  • Metallica: "To Live Is to Die"
  • McCartney, Paul: "Live and Let Die"
  • Moyet, Alison: "Go Weak in the Presence of Beauty"
  • Modern Talking: "You Can Win the Race"
  • Modern Talking: "You Can Win If You Want"
  • Motörhead: "Stone Dead Forever"
  • Nazareth: "Expect No Mercy"
  • Nazareth: "Love Hurts"
  • Necrophagia: "To Sleep with The Dead"
  • Newman, Randy: "I'm Dead (and I Don't Know It)"
  • Nightwish: "Dead to the World"
  • Nightwish: "End of All Hope"
  • NoFX: "Don't Call Me White"
  • Offspring: "Come out and Play" ("You gotta keep'em separated")
  • Patrick Hernandez: "Born to be Alive"
  • Pink Floyd: "Another Brick in the Wall"
  • Pink Floyd: "Time"
  • Police: "Don't Stand Close to Me"
  • Queen: "All Dead, All Dead"
  • Queen: "Another One Bites the Dust"
  • Queen: "Don't Stop Me Now"
  • Queen: "Great Pretender"
  • Queen: "I Want It All"
  • Queen: "I Want to Break Free"
  • Queen: "Killer Queen"
  • Queen: "Kind of Magic"
  • Queen: "Thank God It's Christmas"
  • Queen: "The Show Must Go On"
  • Queen: "Under Pressure"
  • Queen: "Who Wants to Live Forever"
  • Queen: "We Are the Champions"
  • Real McCoy?: "[ext] Run Away"
  • Run DMC: "Proud to Be Black"
  • Sepultura:"War for Territoy"
  • Sheb Wooley: "Purple People Eater"
  • Sigue Sigue Sputnik: "Atari Baby"
  • Simon & Garfunkel: "Bridge over Troubled Waters"
  • Simon & Garfunkel: "Patterns"
  • Sinatra, Frank: "Teach Me Tonight"
  • Slade: "Run, Runaway"
  • Springsteen, Bruce: "Born to Run"
  • Soulfly: "Eye for an Eye"
  • Stevens, Cat: "The First Cut Is the Deepest"
  • Talking Heads: "Road to Nowhere"
  • Tracid, Kai: "BadShape"
  • Twain, Shania: "You Don't Impress Me"
  • Waits, Tom: "Dead and Lovely"
  • Waits, Tom: "Looks Like I'm up Shit Creek Again"
  • Waits, Tom: "The Part You Throw Away"
  • Waits, Tom: "Time"
  • Wham!: "Wake Me up Before You Go Go"
  • Yazoo: "Don't Go"
  • Zevon, Warren: "Play It All Night Long"

C.S. Graves: A lot of these English titles seem to be a real stretch! Many have nothing to do with go, other than some containing the english verb.

argybarg?: Indeed, I defy anyone to explain what "Thank God It's Christmas," "Time" or "Love Hurts," among others, are doing on this page. They don't even suggest go to me. Sorry!

Isildur: Agreed. Would it perhaps make sense to move the questionable entries to the discussion page, leaving here just the entries that make obvious sense? Then, if someone wants to restore one of the entries to the list because they think we're not recognizing some relevant bit of lyrics, they should add a small parenthetical quote from the songs lyrics to clarify the reason for song's inclusion in the list. I agree with C.S. Graves, the mere presence of the word "go" in a title isn't a good reason to list a song here.

Anonymous: I would add "Lean on me, when you're not strong..."

German Song Titles

  • Alexander, Peter: "Die süssesten Früchte ..."
  • Deutscher, Drafi: "Marmor, Stein und Eisen bricht"
  • Ebstein, Katja: "Wunder gibt es immer wieder"
  • Jürgens, Udo: "Alles im Griff auf dem sinkenden Schiff"
  • Lage, Klaus: "Tausendmal berührt"
  • Mitteregger, Herwig: "Immer mehr"
  • Nena: "Nur geträumt"
  • Nicole: "Ein bisschen Frieden"
  • Rammstein: "Spiel mit mir"
  • Silbermond: "Krieger des Lichts"
  • Werding, Juliane: "Wenn du denkst, du denkst, dann denkst du nur: du denkst"

Song Lyrics as Go Proverbs

English Lyrics

  • "Neat fifth dan" by ZZTop
 Clean shirt, smart shoes
 and I don't know what you're going do
 Pull-over, wooly hat
 and I don't know about that
 Gold star, smart look
 I ain't missing not a single book
 Joseki line, solid play
 When I strike out I'm going make you pay
 Duffle coat, new pen
 I don't worry coz I can count to ten
 Big lens, steel frames
 Looking win, looking for dames
 (Chorus) They come running just as fast they can
 Cause every girl's crazy about a neat fifth dan
  • "Three Black Stones" by Vincent (To the tune of: "Three Blind Mice")
     Three black stones, three black stones.
     See how they run, see how they run.
     They were cut off and are under attack,
     I guess black should have been watching his back,
     when white made a move that he thought might be slack.
     Three black stones, three black stones.
  • "Going To A Go Go" by Smokey Robinson:
     Well there's a brand new place I found
     People coming from miles around
     They come from everywhere
      If you drop in there
     You see everyone in town
     It doesn't matter if you're black
     It doesn't matter if you're white
      Take a dollar fifty
     A six pack of beer
     And we goin' dance all night
  • "I've Seen All Good People" by Yes
     Move me on to any black square,
     Use me any time you want,
     Just remember that the goal
     'Sfor us to capture all we want, anywhere,
     Yea, yea, yea.
     Don't surround yourself with yourself,
     Move on back two squares,
     Send an Instant Karma to me,
     Initial it with loving care
     Don't surround
     Yourself. 'Cause it's time, it's time in time with your time
     and its news is captured
  • "Good Mourning" by Talib Kweli
     You are only scared to die when you ain't living right
  • "This Land is Mine" by Dido
     This land is mine but I’ll let you rule
     I let you navigate and demand
     Just as long as you know... this land is mine
     So find your home and settle in
     Ohhh, I’m ready to let you in
     Just as long as we know... this land is mine
  • "I Can't Win" by The Strokes
     That was you up on the mountain
     All alone and all surrounded
     Walking on the ground you're breaking
     Laughing at the life you're wasting
     1 - 2 tries won't do it
     You do it all your life and you never get through it
     Everything they had to say
     Had been erased in just one day
     "Good try
     We don't like it"
     "Good try
     We won't take that shit."
     I can't win.
  • "Wake me up before you go go" by Wham!
     Wake me up before you go go,
     Don't leave me hanging on like a yo-yo.
     Wake me up before you go go,
     I don't wanna miss it when you hit that high
     Wake me up before you go go,
     'Cause I'm not planning on going solo.
     Wake me up before you go go,
     Take me dancing tonite.
     I wanna hit that high...
  • "3k*", sung to the tune of Deep Purple's "Highway Star" (and originally meant as a complaint about the IGS rating system...)
     Nobody's gonna take my stones,
     Now that they're on the board again.
     Nobody's gonna take my stones,
     I'm gonna keep them till the end.
     They are killer machines, they got everything
     Like a killing power, lots of eyeshape, everything
     I love them, I need them, I feel them
     Four corners, all mine
     All right, hold tight, I'm a 3k*!
  • "Run on" by Moby
     You might run on for a long time
     Run on, ducking and dodging
     Run on, journey, for a long time
     Let me tell you God Almighty gonna cut you down
  • "The New Order" by Blind Guardian
     Will you remember the old rule?
     Will you fulfill this sacrifice?
     Done for the future
     Space for the new
     How will it end up?
     That's up to you
  • "Ballad of the [?]" by Isildur (adapted from "Behing Blue Eyes" by The Who)
     No one knows what it's like
     To be the bad man
     To be the sad man
     Behind false eyes
     No one knows what it's like
     To be ungraded
     To be unrated
     To get no prize
     But my caps
     They aren't as empty
     As my triangles seem to be
     I 've waited hours, only lonely
     I look for bots... but
     They're never free
     No one knows what it's like
     To feel these feelings
     Like I do
     And I blame you
     No one comes within a yard
     They see my ? mark
     None of my playin' and ko
     Can show through
     But my caps
     They aren't as empty
     As my triangles seem to be
     I 've waited hours, only lonely
     I look for bots... but
     They're never free
     When my fist clenches, crack it open
     Before I misclick and lose my cool
     When I smiley, tell me some bad news
     Before I LOL and play like a fool
     If I swallow any stones I shoudn't
     and a throw-in neatly kills my eye
     It's not my fault that I'm rusty
     I've been waiting for an opponent since July
     No one knows what it's like
     To be the bad man
     To be the sad man
     Behind false eyes
  • "Stones" by Neil Diamond
     Stones would play inside her head
     And where she slept,
     They made her bed
     And she would ache
     For love and get but stones
  • "Bless Me (prayer Of Jabez)" by Donald Lawrence and The Tri-City Singers
     Bless me, bless me
     Oh Lord, bless me indeed,
     Enlarge my territory
     Oh Lord, bless me indeed
     (I pray for increase)
     Bless me indeed
     (I pray for increase)
  • "Go Centipede" by Giles
     Twin centipede claiming all territory...
     It's the same story when theres no glory
     Overcoming the whole human race
     No army can move him out of his place
     Twin centipede behold his fire art...
     Hos looks will tear us apart
     (he will stomp you)
     Dont look him in the eye...for his beam of cedar rails track any human movement
     Just dacen away from him, centipede cant keep this beat
     Hes dancin'!
     Go centipede, go centipede
  • "Come Out and Play" by The Offspring
     You gotta keep'em separated
     They're like the latest fashion
     They're like a spreading disease
     The kids are strappin' on their way to the classroom
     Getting weapons with the greatest of ease
     The gangs stake out campus locale
     And if they catch you slippin' then it's all over pal
     If one guy's colors and the other's don't mix
     They're gonna bash it up...
     You gotta keep'em separated
     Hey, they don't pay no mind
     If you're under 18 you won't be doing any time
     Hey, come out and play

German Lyrics

  • "Orpheus and Euridike", opera by Gluck:
     Ach ich habe sie verloren,
     all mein Glück ist nun dahin.
     Wär', ach wär' ich nie geboren,
     weh, dass ich am Leben bin!

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