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B6 on W3  

I think the best Black can do is save some of his stones and let the left part get pinced off. White´s stones are protected by a snapback-threat to both sides. Correct? -- SvenB

unkx80: General idea is correct. However, White's moves are slightly suboptimal. The hint is "snapback", which is in the title of the problem.

Black connects  

Hmmm... I don´t see how White could prevent Black from saving the right half - what am I missing? -- SvenB

unkx80: Actually, you can't prevent Black can saving the stones on the right half. I mean there is an even better way for capturing the stones on the left half.

Black lives I  

Black lives II  

Black lives III  

Black lives IV  

Solution with snapback  

Shaydwyrm: unkx80 must be referring to the fact that the exchange of a for b is unnecessary.


Shaydwyrm: If black resists with B1, W2 creates a snapback. Black can't capture at a because white will then capture at b leaving black dead in the corner. I took Bill's suggestion for extending the right side of the problem in order to clarify that b is not the edge of the board, so capturing there does not create a ko. I don't know if anyone else was confused by that, but I was...

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