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White dies a slow death.

White 5 and 7 at 3, Black 6 at 1  

The White group is dead. The best resistance I found was to set up a nice snapback to catch the marked stones with W1.

DomQ The situation after Black 4 above is this. White is in a situation to snap-back the circled stones, but oddly enough this will not save her!

Is White saved?  

White plays b, black captures with a, white b again capturing all circled stones.

And the result is...


But the white shape has an obvious weak point!

White dies  

After B5, White won't be able to set up another snapback because of the liberty at a.

Playing 2 in 3 does not work either: Black captures the marked stone with 2, White attempts a Ko with 5 but Black declines, connecting all its stones together (at the location of the marked white stone). White is left with only one real eye.

ProtoDeuteric: For a related problem, see RTG Problem 20

Quicker deaths

White captures first  

Capturing the two Black stones won't help for long.

Black 3 connects at the circled stone  

Black 4 at 1  

White dies even faster.


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