Shoujin de Miaoyong

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Shoujin de Miaoyong
("手筋的妙用 死活篇")
By: Kong Xiangming
Publisher: People's Sports Publishing Company?, 2005
ISBN10 7-5009-2747-9
270 pp.

Shoujin de Miaoyong (Wonderously Useful Tesujis, Life and Death Section) (手筋的妙用 死活篇, Shǒujīn de Mioyng, Sǐhupiān or Shou3 jin1 de Miao4 yong4, Si3 huo2 pian1) is a book by Kong Xiangming Chinese 8 Dan.

Shoujin de Miaoyong is published by People's Sports Publishing Company (人民体育出版社) ISBN: 7-5009-2747-9, 270 pages.

The books contains ten chapters entitled, each containing 11 or 12 cases (例) spanning 25 - 28 pages.

Unfortunately, the problem diagram often is placed on the same page as the answer diagrams. This forces the student to use a piece of paper or other material to cover all the following diagrams on the same page. When the problem diagram occurs on the left hand page (even numbered page), the facing page must be covered as well.

The book can be found occasionally on eBay being offered by [ext] goplayer2006 (this is 震 主 Zhen Zhu - Go teacher on KGS known as hotdog)


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Table of Contents

  1. Nakade
  2. Cut
  3. Clamp
  4. Wedge
  5. Attach
  6. Diagonal
  7. Hane
  8. Belly
  9. Throw-in
  10. Connect

Sample Material

Nakade Chapter, Case 1  

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