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There are two tournaments apparently called the Shinye.

Firstly, what is called by Go to Everyone! the Shinye Strongest. This has had six editions from 2015 to 2021.

The 1st edition was made up of a round robin A and B League of seven players each. The A League was won by Park Jaegeun and the B League by Choi Jaeyoung, who was undefeated.

The 2nd edition was an eight player knockout, won by Kim Myounghoon over Park Hamin.

The 3rd edition was a 24 player knockout, with eight of the competitors seeded into the second round. It was won by An Jungki over Park Geunho.

The 4th edition had a format I can't even figure out. Park Hamin won again, over Park Sangjin.

The 5th edition was a 16 player knockout, won by Kim Changhoon over Choi Kwangho?.

The 6th edition was a 32 player knockout, won by Moon Minjong over Hyun Yoobin.

See the [ext] Go to Everyone! section for crosstables.

Secondly, the one Go to Everyone! calls simply the Shinye. However, they also call the Shinye Strongest the Shinye as well.

Korean professional tournament, a 16 player knockout held for the first time in 2021.

Sponsored by Electric Land.

The first edition was won by Cho Wongyu?, who defeated Geum Jiu.

See the [ext] Go to Everyone! page for the crosstable.

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