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I use this page as my full profile, because KGS has a 1,000 character limit. I’m LGSam, the Lawful-Good Questionnaire Extraordinaire! (I was LeGoSam?, but that one is deranked (ask me about it). Anyway, now it has good musics on it, check 'em out!)

I’ve been playing Go since April 27th, 2018. I’m a member of the Open Study Room Team, the administration group in one of the greatest online Go communities. Check it out sometime: [ext]

The strongest Go player should aim to win only just.

A true knight of the goban makes plays that are noble and global. A play that is noble is one that has high moral principles, so they strive to do the best that they can, even if that means sacrifice later on. Not always, of course, but when the situation that calls for selflessness appears, they will do what they must. If a person believes whole-heartedly in the Golden Rule, AKA "Treat others the way you want to be treated", then they will always try to treat others the way they would want to be treated. I always think of the stones of opposite colors as equal intentions, to provide and support for their own, misunderstanding that the other people are trying to do exactly the same thing. So if you play nobly throughout the entire match, you are not only providing for your own, but not obliterating the other side. To not obliterate the other side, as if one can understand that each side is only trying to provide for their own, one can understand that yes, there is conflict, but that there can also be enough for both; so if one understands this, one can appreciate winning by very little. That is winning as the strongest player. So if there must be a winner and a loser, if one simply understands the needs of both, they will both have enough. Do you ever feel as though you are creating a bit of history between these two communities, thrust into an open world, trying to provide for themselves? These two communities, made up of stones that are entirely alive at your fingertips, do much of the same that the best of all people do, the best of all communities, all families, do.

I’m not going to lie, I like fighting in Go. I’m also not very serious about Go. But if I were… my aim would be to be at the level where I can win every match, only just.

Wall of Awesome Teachers Here on KGS (include but are not limited to):

HelloKitty? [-] [ext]
OwyheeMud? [-]
anjarubik 1k
Epiphany 4k His Go page: [ext] Epiphany: Try to see ALL moves in the context of the whole board
Starfall or StarfallN 1k
Brokencrow 1k?
leachy 1k
felino 2k
dansugo 2k
kissole 1k?
NoFear? ~2k
decros 1d
cats > ~2 dan
dsaun [-]
Mirak 1k
Noomkwah 1d
rats 4d


Overheard on KGS...


Warfreak2: your 9-step plan gives me the feeling of looking at a child's drawing
Warfreak2: it's cute that you tried, but it's not an architectural blueprint by a long way :-p

odestone: go is a game of gradually reducing misunderstanding.

"We need to do something more violent" -dsaun

VIXX 8d?: my games tend to be bloody
LeGoSam?? [6k?]: It's got to be extremely intense to have a bloody game when the only colors are black and white...
VIXX 8d?: lol

dsaun: i think shape lecture refernce will be on my tombstone :)
LeGoSam?: lol
dsaun: "here lies dsaun, who couldn't read his way out of a box, and still can't" :)

sophtpaw: why do people bother saying 'h' 'thx' 99.99999% on kgs are robots
rats: your request has been processed. please wait

ChatBot250?: Being able to talk to your machine is only the beginning of the story, though. It needs to listen. It needs to be able to understand what you want and not just spit out the same "hello, world" messages over and over.
Marathon: does chatbot250 listen?
ChatBot250?: hello world
mongo: haha

Trom: yo
LGSam: Hello, Trom ^^
Oraxisyso: What up homie :D
Trom: you wanto to play ? I’ll use only one hand
Oraxisyso: Sure
LGSam: lol one hand
Trom: Ok ok, only one finger then :)

XY0908: Yello.
Warfreak2: orange you going to tell us what the weather is, XY?
mongo: i red it this morning
LGSam: How do you blue, XY?
XY0908: Which part do you want to paint?
XY0908: LGSam, no need to put the mask we know who you are.
Warfreak2: i agreen with XY
LGSam: No need to get violet, fellas, heh...
XY0908: White a great friend you are%%%% XY0908: Some people on KGS (b)lack of courtesy and politness.
LGSam: Indigo
LGSam: ...that was lame for "Indeed"...

AmyTS: the eyeball-as-a-head-with-a-brain-tacked-on is kind of disturbing.
LGSam: Um, could I have some context, please? ^^'
Warfreak2: i think amy's quote is probably much better without context

JIeBuc?: do cats they people are absurdly big cats?
JIeBuc?: think*
Epsilion: some of us are
alfalfa: no, here is how it works... the dog looks at the people, and says, "wow, they feed me, and take care of me, and give me a place to live...
alfalfa: they must be gods.
alfalfa: the cat looks at the people, ans says, "wow, they feed me, and take care of me, and give me a place to live"
alfalfa: "i must be a god"

ericj: I have licked a plate or two in my time, kid

Eliza: creepy is getting a text message from the gummint.... on a phone I never give out the number of
spiderman: SAME I got that earlier , was weird af
Eliza: they must be spamming all numbers
regularfit: they communicate wit your providers
Agronski: Now on sale: tinfoil beanies for your phone. Guaranteed to keep the gummint signals out.
AmyTS: they're right behind you.
LGSam: lol

Agronski: Now on sale: tinfoil beanies for your phone. Guaranteed to keep the gummint signals out.

basics: i view programming as a task in the same category as trash collection
basics: it's good that some people are doing it, but i wouldn't want to be the one doing it


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