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    lifego(8k)-ruf012(10k) 2022, 7d/move
   1.q16 d4 c16 q4
   The beginner has accomplished his task.

  5.j17 e16
    A side player starts a side with W1 d31(c16,e16) W3 W5.
  7.d14 d16 c15 g17 n16 q14
    Another side player starts a side with W7 d31(q16,q14).

  13.s16 q11 j15 c18 c17 d17 b18 d18 h18 g18 g15 c19 e19 e15 e14
     b19 b17 f19
     A cernl specialist has started his work W1.

  31.e18 f15 f14 g16 f18 g19 f17 e17 c9 s13 c6 b5
     A corner player strengthens a corner with W1

  43.b6 a5 a6 b3 r3 q3 r4 q5
    Another side player continues with W1 W3 W5 W7.
  51.s6 r5 s5 r9 k3 n3 g3 c5
   The corner player reinforces his corner
    with an extention. W9
     This treats all corners and sides.

  59.d6 f4 f3 f5 e3 d5 f7 n14
   Extension players W1 W3 W5 calm the 1-er(k10).
  67.m15 l13 q7 o8 c2 b2
     Another cernl specialist has started his work W7.

  73.c3 c1 b1 g9 h7 h12 g6 f11 d11 a1 e2 c4 j9 h9 j8 k12
     m9 l11 l10 n6 n10 k6 j5 o12 m2 m3 n2 q2 r2 o2 l3 s7
     r7 s8 r6 s2
   After two sides are strengthened W1 W3 W5,
   will be in the corner between,
   another cernl specialist optimistic W7.

   109.s1 s3 s4 t2 t7 p17
   Another side player becomes optimistic(p17).
   115.q17 p16 j13 j14 p15 o15 q15 o16 r14 q13 s14 r13 t3 t4
       q9 q10 p9 o9 t5 t3 p8 p7 w

    The formatter is not needed here.

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