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I consider m-by-n dots go under territory scoring. ​ ​ ​ By symmetry, I restrict to ​ m ≤ n .

To make things a little shorter, by "move", ​ I mean ​ ​ ​ board play ​ .

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1x3 dots go
1x4 dots go

m < 2

For all non-negative integers n, on the 0-by-n board, the only legal game is pass-pass, after which the score is 0. ​ The same applies to the 1x1 board.

1x2 dots go starts just after someone made a move on the empty 1x2 board, so it comes down to rule details. ​ ([1],[2])

1x3 dots go  

For each player, circle is the only legal move, and playing it wins by 2 points.

1x4 dots go  

Black-to-move passes to win by 4 points. ​ black+circle reduces Black's winning margin by 1 point. ​ Black's other move reduces Black's winning margin by _at least_ 1 point, and will reduce it by another point unless Black gets a point of territory from an empty ko intersection because White has no legal move immediately after Black takes that ko. ​ ([2])

white+circle is a two-stone suicide, and White otherwise has no legal moves. ​

[1] ​ Long cycle rule

[2] ​ Pass As Ko Threat

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