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Herman: B1 is the obvious first move, as otherwise Black's group will be cut in two by a white move there. Simply living with part of the group with a Black move at a is not sufficient.

Easy way  

If white decides to save the white+circle stone with W2, then B3 lives. But here white is being too easy on black.


The obvious counter-attack for white is to play the vital point with W2. If black defends with B3, then W4 prevents an eye in the center, and Black dies on a large scale.

Threats to make eyes  

Therefore, black should make the eye in the center. White then spoils Black's eyeshape with W4. B5 threatens to make an eye in the corner, which W6 prevents. B7 then guarantees a second eye.

Capture three  

If white tries to prevent the eye with W8, B9 captures three to make an eye.


Instead white can play W8 and W10 to capture three stones and get some points in the corner. In exchange, B9 makes Black's group alive.

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