Questions for which professionals have been consulted


Many problems and questions cannot be decided objectively with the technical insight of amateur players.

Often the reason might be that several - mutually exclusive - styles exist, which lead to opposing solutions or confrontational discussion.

Professionals master the game at a much higher abstract level. Not only that they will know (much better than amateurs) which move is objectively best, they could reason that this or that move is consistent with this or that style if both moves (if only 2 in question) are good. Often a pro will have gone through both of those styles during his/her life and fully can understand both.

Hence, I propose that we here on Senseis collect some selected (undecided, heavily discussed) questions and ask professionals for their opinion.

I imagine that many of those involve kikashis and/or timing questions ("Go is about the order of moves").

In order to be workable: this should be a limited list. Several of us will know a professional closely enough to dare to approach him/her with only one or two questions. [1]

IGS has some Question/Answer stuff from pros

IGS have a [ext] page where every month a different woman pro answers submitted questions. They've been doing it for several years, and there is an archive.

How could we proceed?

  • 1) Any person willing to approach a professional decides to sponsor this question with his/her energy/effort/money (or whatever) to get a valuable response for the Go community,
  • 2) then writes his/her name (the Senseis-login; profs name not needed at this stage) & expected time for getting the answer behind the question link;
    • from there on, it would be in-efficient reduplication of effort, if others try to get the answer, please refrain from it (for the time given in 2), and rather take another question from the list.
  • 3) tries to get the answer;
  • 4) publishes/shares the result with us on the net;
  • 5) adds professionals name, ready.

Here comes the list of questions:
(link list to Senseis pages, or better yet,
the crystallized question with the opposing argumentative positions)

  1. APonnukiIsWorthThirtyPoints/Discussion diagram #11 - no sponsor yet

[1] If we swamp one "Sai" s/he will drown
[2] The project is initially not primarily meant to raise a fund and pay professionals, although that's why they are playing the game - to pay the rent and buy food etc..
Several pros seem to see the teaching of the overall Go community as their mission, joy, job? (yet we cannot swamp them with questions).
If one wants personal teaching, know one's own real strength or the Pro's real strength one has to pay money, resp. play with money.
[3] If some question are interesting enough (to me) I am happy to sponsor them.
That would mean e.g. with money equivalent to a teaching lesson, if that professional needed the time for it.

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