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My name is Jonathon, and I have been playing go occassionally for several years. I have absolutely no natural talent for the game, but love it anyway.

I have retinitis pigmentosa, and have been losing my eyesight for many years. This is a form of tunnel vision, and I am legally blind. While my right eye is now useless, with my left I can still see well enough to read most text.

My play can be slow, as I see only a small part of the board at any given time. Also, it can take me some time to find a move that an opponent has played.

I have recently been learning to play 9x9 games in my head. I am not a strong player, but now usually keep track of games accurately. For these blindfold games, I record the moves on a piece of paper, being sure not to look at what I have written. Afterward, I enter the moves into a computer program to verify that the game was correctly visualized. I also add comments.

This week I have written a computer program that I hope will be at least somewhat interesting to people who play go. I plan to release it as freeware. First I need to figure out how to make the files available, because I don't have a website.

Anyway, I like to observe games on KGS when I can. But the wireless signal I catch is unreliable. So I rarely play, for fear of being disconnected mid-game.

I love foreign languages! I speak English fluently, and Spanish passably. I know some Italian, and the very basics of Japanese. If you ever catch me on KGS, please teach me how to say something in your language!

And if you know where a blind person without a college degree can find work as a writer or editor, I'd appreciate the information.

My hatemail address is:

[email] Jonathon

Thanks for reading. :)

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