Pressing Down On The 34 Point

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I've merged this content into 3-5 point low approach press attachment. Basically converted most of it into colors reversed and replaced some of usage of letters. The reference to hamete is now gone, you were so right it's simply joseki.

Attaching in the corner  
Attaching in the corner  

This shape can occur with a black pincer stone at any of the points k to p or even further away, with a pincer stone the usually arise from a 3-4 point, low approach, without a pincer (though this is a rare occurence) from a 3-4 approach to a 5-3 stone. The presence of the pincer stones has little impact on the sequences on the edge itself, the preferred sequences vary however according to how efficiently the pincer stone is placed afterwards.

  • a is the preferred choice except in the presence of a stone at k
  • b is the preferred choice with a stone at k and played as well with n and o
  • c and tenuki are always an option

White can play W7 at W9 as well, changing the move order.

a - gote followup  
a - taking sente  

Sacrificing a stone with W11 prevents Black from proceeding to the corner with x.

a - Pushing battle  

B8 as a hane in the corner can lead to a pushing battle. After W15 (or earlier) Black has to come back to fix the shape while White gains considerable strength in center (possibly exchanging x for y next).

b (black eyeing at x)  

This variation is played when the peep at x has a good relation with a pincer stone already at place at either k or n. With a stone at m however it isn't played at all because of the bad relation between x and m

c - complications  

After c there is no definite joseki, but different lines are tried by professionals. Below there are two of them, which were played repeatedly.

Black c, White d - possible outcome  
Black c, White e - possible outcome  
Black c, White e - possible outcome continuation  

Both Black and White can vary. White will get an outside ponnuki either way and is satisfied. The black corner after e is smaller than it may look at first sight.


If Black ignores the attachment, White can take a big corner. (Usually played when the outside ladder would work for White.)

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