Pair Go Strategy

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What strategies are useful for people interested in playing PairGo?

  • Particularly when there is a large gap in strength, the stronger player should try to make the moves of the weaker player work. The weaker player is often incapable of doing the reverse.
  • The weaker player should avoid playing forcing moves because they don't know what to do.
  • The stronger player should avoid overly complex joseki that the weaker partner is unlikely to know.
  • Use Tenuki to communicate to partner that you do not understand his move.
    • Disadvantage: you can get partner real mad if he is counting on your next move as a critical sequence of attack/defense.

Random related thoughts

Be considerate. If all other players are way above your level in skill, think but do not do deep thinking too much. You want to preserve goodwill so their time is not wasted wondering why it take so long for obvious and/or inadequate moves. Conversely, preserve time for a weaker partner, and in byo yomi, let the clock tick sufficiently to maintain a comfortable pace. (Exception: it may be necessary to play too fast to keep the game "exciting.")

If you are way stronger than your partner, then simplify your moves so he/she work together with you.

Do not play out positions for dead groups, let these be used by your partner to tell you I am lost, please continue.

Resign and PairGo

It is particularly important to know WhenToResign for PairGo, as there are 3 other persons whose precious time is engaged in their game with you. Pairgo is often unrated and waiting till counting time is probably not useful, especially if most of the other players are lot more stronger than you.

Knowing HowToResign is also important. As a regular PairGo player i have heard more than once complaints from the other side, when my partner abruptly resigned and left. And sometimes people resign as they think their partner has been playing badly, and resign without a warning. This is better than escaping, but not much.

So I suggest when you sense it is time to resign, mention it to your partner that you wish to resign the game, and give your partner a bit of time to think over.

When there is a strong disagreement between partners, then I suggest the person who wants to resign give the partner a warning (this is after a request) that there will be again a call for resignation after x (5-10) moves, at such time either withdraw the viewpoint, or tell the partner that we are definitely resigning.

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