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Position after Black 271  

Moves 272-281  

Moves 6-7 were bad from both sides. Neither of the two opponents saw the biggest move on the board.

White 1 is sente, because it threatens to cut off a large group of black stones killing them. Black naturally connects with 2.

White 3 threatens to capture three black stones with a move at 4. Black has to defend there (cannot stop at 6 - this will be considered below).

White 5 attacks one black stone. It is sente because White has a follow-up - a capture will threaten more black stones.

Black 6 is a mistake. Black tries to take the initiative from White. So, he also threatens to take one stone and if his does so White's territory on the left side is gone. But...

White 7 is a mistake. White had to capture the black stone first. See below.

Black 8 connects and Black can be satified: his bluff worked.

White 9 takes a point from Black and creates a possibility of a point for White.

Black 10 should have been at a because that was sente. Black loses points by not playing sente moves. White did not use the chance to increase her score ,though.

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BillSpight: Assay of plays with miai counting:

  • W 3 = 4 points.
  • W 1 = 2 points.
  • B 8 = 1 2/3 points.
  • W 5 = 1 1/2 points.
  • B 6 = 1 point.
  • W 9 = 3/4 point.
  • B 10 = 0 points.

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