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OSGS is a proposition for an Open Source Go Server

Hello everyone! I am thinking about writing a new open source go server similar to KGS or IGS. My goal for this server is to create something based on open protocols and with an open development strategy that would hopefully spark innovation in the the go community.

Here are some of my ideas and goals for the server.

  • Open text-based protocol
  • Well designed easy to use sister client program
  • Distributed Server Design similar to IRC (this is a big maybe but the idea would be to not have a single server but a community of servers that work together)
  • Open source development style (features get added quicker)

I am putting this page up for two reasons. First I would like to know if people would actually be interested in something like this (no point writing it if no one wants to use it). Second I would like suggestions/ideas about the project.

Thanks! MilkHotel

unkx80: The Ultimate Go Server was a very ambitious project that never went past the planning stage. You may want to look at the UGS project pages for ideas. Personally I know nothing about networks and protocol design so I am not able to help you here.

MilkHotel: I am aware of the Ultimate Go Server project. I think it had two problems. It was too ambitious, and it never got started. So hopefully this will work out better. I would plan to control the development personally until it is big enough to be unleashed on the community. Hopefully that would help the project survive.

Velobici: You may want to look at NNGS. The source code is available via SourceForge as referenced from the NNGS page. This might provide you a quick bootstrapping into a functional server. From that point on, you can enhance, modify, re-write as you see fit.

Coldnight:Hellohow has the project been going so far Id like to help I know some programing but not too much about internet protocols I can learn while i go along I am a fast learner

Batavia?: I certainly would be intrested to see how this project is doing. maybe you should at least add timestamps so people know if this is a current idea or a stale page (august 2008)

vbmithr? : Very interested in such a project. Your description seduced me. I would be interested in working for it.

Eadoin?: I'm definitely interested. I have some programming experience - C, C++ , Perl, and a wee bit of LISP. I have worked with HTML in the past, though I'm a bit rusty. Server-ing and game programming would probably be my strong points. Time stamps is a good idea, definitely. (December 2009)

Taulmarill?: Is this project active? I would be interested in this but the lack of information worries me a bit. If you don't have implemented anything or are just starting out, consider websockets. That would (eventually) allow anyone to use just their webbrowser as a client.

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