OD1P - July 28 Problem / Failure

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1) Black first, White dies -- works?  

What about this White 6?

2) How to answer this White 6?  

3) White is toast  

I didn't see it at first, but this does kill White. My apology for generating this erroneous "Failure" file. For the benefit of the other weak kyus --

3) White is crispy toast  

Eventually, White will have to capture three stones (at a). When she does, Black must ThrowIn a nakade (at the Black stone marked with a square). White will be reduced to one eye. (There is no chance to make an eye at with b or c. If White plays one, Black plays the other, which keeps this as a FalseEye at best.)

Again, my apology... -- TakeNGive 11k

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