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This is my page on Senseis. I was introduced to Go in about 1997, first started with Yahoo, hung around on NNGS for a while, and now mostly play on KGS. Actually, I haven't played much, and just got started with a ranking on KGS (thanks gagle!).

You can view my rating graph here: [ext] Har de har!

The graph isn't showing up right now, but perhaps it'll work tomorrow. Maybe it gets updated at night..

uxs: I can see it. Or do you want it to show right here on this page ?

Other stuff: put a photo here.

I live in Columbus Ohio at present. We have a friendly group of people who play at the North Market. The group is called tesuji, and has a mailing list at

All above info will be edited soon, with offsite links.

Some things for me to remember:

  1. Find out how to do enumerate
  2. Read WelcometoKGS

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