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New to Kgs? Contact an Admin

Now I know there are some people who are new to KGS right? So I decided to help you out. The first thing to know about KGS is how to get in touch with those ever so elusive admin right?

Admin will either have a silver star or a gold star beside their user name. Each of these stars has a different purpose. Go to a silver starred admin before contacting a gold starred admin if you can.

Here is a useful link to a reguraly updated list of admin. Whether you choose to add them to your buddy list or just check this list when you need help it is up to you. [ext]

Why Will No One Play Me?

As horrible as it is some players will not play guests. They don't mean anything by it but have had a few bad experiences playing guests. The best thing you can do is to register an account. Don't worry though it is free. ^_^

To register an account you log on as a guest account with the name you so desire. Then go to the menu at the top of the screen. You will see User. Click on User then hit register account. This will open up your information where you will need to type in your email. Once you have done this and hit OK an email will be sent to the address that you registered with. You will have to log in with the password that was sent to your email.

At other times people will not play you if you have a tilde (~). This can come about if you play mostly stronger players. You still need to play people that are weaker.

The Big Question: How Do I Create / Join a Game

So I've noticed through a lot of scrutinizing that the next biggest question new users have is as such: How do I create a new game?

When you join KGS you start out in a "Main Room" of the desired language/ location you chose. This is called a tab. At the top right of this tab you will see a button that says "Create Game". Just click on this and a dialog box will open showing you the current game settings and making the option of changing said settings available to you.

There is also an automatch option. If you don't feel like creating a game or searching for a game you can just let automatch do it for you. Just go to "playgo" at the top of the screen and you can set your desired preferences and turn it on. Now all that you need to do is wait.

Following the question of how to create a game comes another question: How do I join a game?

Multiple options are available to users for joining a game. At the top of the "Main Tab" there are black bold game offers just waiting for you to jump on. Just click one of these and choose the one you would like to play then wait for your soon to be opponent to accept the game.

Now you can't just go barging into a game in-politely. There are certain protocols you should follow. As such when you start a new game wish your opponent a "Good Game (GG)". At the end of the game say "Thank You". Don't be rude. If you lose take it for what it is: A new learning experience.

My Opponent Left Without Finishing: What Should I Do?

If your opponent happens to leave a game without finishing don't fret. Your opponent may have just had connection issues. Now if your opponent wanders off to play a different game don't worry. KGS automatically handles escapers. You don't need an admin for this one. Heres another handy link for situations like this: [ext]

Now sometimes we have connection problems and on those days it becomes hard to finish a game. Once in a while we even have to leave in a hurry. No problem. KGS has a handy button at the top of the "Main Tab" called the Resume button. Now any game that is not finished will be listed here. So when you get the chance come back and try to finish your games. :)

Now if you are having connection issues and do decide to play a game please be kind enough to inform your opponent that you may leave the game unexpectedly and that you will be back. Same goes for if you have to leave unexpectedly. Just let your opponent know and ask if you can resume the game later. This can save a lot of trouble for everyone.

What Do the Icons Beside Game Offers / Accounts Mean?

Ok so the next step to explaining KGS is the symbols that you find everywhere you go. From the game offers to user names themselves there is no escape.

Game offers:

  • R is for ranked games
  • S is for simultaneous
  • F is a free game
  • 2 is for rengo
  • D is for demonstration
  • T is for teaching

Now many users have "Icons" beside their account names but don't be scared. Kgs provides a helpful list of these icons and what they mean. All you need to do is follow the link: [ext]

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