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The Princeton go club formerly hosted the long-standing New Jersey Open, one of the earliest regional events in the US which was held continuously for over 50 years, moving from Bell Labs to Rutgers and finally to the Princeton campus in 1990. At its peak in the early 2010s, it drew over 200 players. It was ham-fistedly destroyed by the Princeton University administration after the 2016 event. R. I. P.

Former Organizers: Rick Mott? and Paul Matthews


  • Date to be determined (estimated to be late February or early March)
  • To be organized by: Devin Fraze <>
  • The NJO is BACK! Devin has interviewed Paul Matthews and garnered support from various AGA executives and board members. More information will be posted later. The site with information about the event will go live at [ext] in the coming months.


  • Mar. 19 and Mar. 20
  • Rick Mott <>
  • We're later this year because I was late reserving the space. There's only one room on campus that really works. For 2016, we're going to require preregistration and pre-payment, and charge extra for registration on-site. Last year we were close to the limits of the space. If you don't pre-register, we can't guarantee you a spot in the tournament. Register and pre-pay here: [ext]
  • For tournament schedule and details, click on the Princeton Go Club link above and scroll to NJ Open


  • Feb. 28 and Mar. 1
  • Rick Mott <>
  • For details, click on the Princeton Go Club link above, scroll to NJ Open
  • New this year: Please pre-register and pre-pay! It helps us get the tournament started on time.


  • March 1 and 2
  • Rick Mott <>
  • For details, click on the Princeton Go Club link above, scroll to NJ Open


  • March 2 and 3
  • Rick Mott <>


  • February 25 and 26
  • Rick Mott


  • February 26 and 27
  • Rick Mott
  • Zhaonian Chen


  • February 20 and 21
  • Email Rick Mott <> for details


Scheduled for February 28 and March 1. Email Rick Mott <> for details.


  • February 23-24, 2008
  • 72 players
  • Champion: Kevin Huang 8d

(according to AGA-EJ Volume 9, #10)


from AGA-EJ Volume 8, #13

SHOU & LIU SHARE NJ TITLE: Minshan Shou 8d and Xiliang Liu 7d are the 2006 New Jersey Open Co-Champions. The tie-breaking was tough at the top, with Zhaonian Chen 8d, Kevin Huang 8d and Eric Lui 7d tying for 3rd-5th place. The 48th annual New Jersey Open - sponsored by the Princeton Go Society -- was held February 10-11 in Princeton, NJ; 82 players participated. TDs: Paul Matthews, Rick Mott

WINNER'S REPORT: New Jersey State Championship Co-Champions: Minshan Shou (8d), Xiliang Liu (7d); 3rd-5th tie: Zhaonian Chen (8d), Kevin Huang (8d), Eric Lui (7d). 5-game winners: Jared Beck (2d), Frank Tan (5k), Andrew Shang (9k). 4-game winners: Peter Samuelson (2d), Michael Huang (1d), Yang Xu (1d), Byunghun Jeon (1k), Dimitri Lechtchinski (2k), Zaher Nazif (6k), Yu Jen Teng (6k), James Xue (8k), Rachel Small (11k), Jonathan Liang (17k).


(according to AGA-EJ Volume 7, #18)

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