Neurotic Go

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Hi there. My name is Tony. As a very neurotic person I invented a special Go-variant for neurotic persons:

  1. After making his move Black reveals the point where he fears most White will play next or where he desires most to play himself.
  2. Now White has to choose between playing the designated neurotic move or playing tenuki:
  • if White plays the neurotic move, the game continues and Black remains the neurotic player;
  • if White plays tenuki, Black is forced to play his self-chosen neurotic move. This may be a painful experience but Black gets released from his emotional inclinations and now White becomes the neurotic player.

Good luck everybody and hold on!

Isn't this like using the pie rule every move (or every 2 moves)? ~srn347

I think using pie rule every 2 moves would be more like this:

At the start of the game black player pick a move.

White has 2 choices: Play this move right now and so with it play before black OR let black black play the move itself, and then play any move he wants after it.

The player that moved first on the last 2 moves thing, is the one that will pick the move that the other player will select to or not.

The difference from neurotic go is that on neurotic go if a player decide to play tenuki he will still make the move first.~corino


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