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Hello there. I am MrEmDash on KGS, aka MrHyphen?.

I am roughly 3-4kyu KGS, and hopefully shall reach "dannage" soon :P

It's been not so long since I've started to play go, and I've only regretted it once...

It was the very first day I started to play go. I lost. I thought it was a stupid game and quit for about 3 to 4 months. I picked it up again and beat.... RandomBot? i believe. Then i was happy and started to play a little bit (This was roughly Feburary - March of 2011).

During summer break, I decided to really get into go. I was about 15-14kyu at the time. So i would spend literally 8 hours a day, every day, just playing go. While not healthy, It got me extremely obsessed with the game. I was able to rocket up to 7kyu, where I hit a little bump. Attack and Defense and Lessons in the Fundamentals of Go boosted me to 5kyu. And from there i've been steadily (being a relative term of course :D ) improving.

The best things about go:

  • Monkey Jump!!!!!
  • Triple Ko!!!!!
  • Triple Ataris!!!!
  • A Dead Dragon!
  • Winning by .5!
  • Tying!
  • Playing the Divine Move!!!!!!
  • And other stuff.....

I hope to be able to contribute to SL in any way possible =)

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