Most Similar Pro Game


Which two professional games are most similar?

In other words, which two diverged at the latest move number?

Current leader:

Fujisawa Hosai - Go Seigen, 1957-10-15,16

Fujisawa Hosai - Rin Kaiho, 1965-07-07,08

First diverged at move 74.

(Note that up to black 67 (on tengen), these were mane-go games.)

Position after move 73  

Previous Leaders:

Yu Bin vs Cho Hun-hyeon, 1995-10-23 &

Ma Xiaochun vs Cho Hun-hyeon, 1995-03-20

First diverged at move 40

Position at move 39  

Yi Ch'ang-ho vs Cho Hun-hyeon, 1995-02-08 &

Yi Ch'ang-ho vs Cho Hun-hyeon, 1995-10-02

First diverged at move 39

Position at move 38  

The examples given so far have at least one pro in common. While studying the Kobayashi Fuseki, I stumbled upon an example where two 7d amateurs repeat the first 38 moves of a pro game:

Weon Seong-chin vs. Chen Yaoye (8th Samsung Cup Qualifying Preliminary, 2003-08-04)

Lee Kangwook 7d vs. Fu Li 7d (25th World Amateur Go Championship, 2004-06-10)

The pro played at B1, the amateur played at a. (White won both games by a small margin.)

This really makes me wonder whether common fuseki such as the Kobayashi Fuseki are too orthodox for my taste. That can be a good thing or a bad thing. Calvin

Position at move 39  

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