Mistake In Scartol's Flash

    Keywords: Life & Death

A mistake I found in [ext] Scartol's Flash introduction, in the 9x9 game played there.

How it went in the flash  
White's best move  

White 4 makes black's upper eye false, so Black 1 wasn't a vital point after all. ^^


There are actually more.

Best of both worlds?  

In the flash, it was mentioned that if Black plays 1, then White plays 2 and he gets the "best of both worlds". Why not play at a to capture the stone instead?

Another mistake.  

When finishing up the game, Black played 1. This is another mistake which went unchecked, and I leave it to the reader as an exercise to find out how White can kill. Black should play at a instead.


There's also a problem with the nigiri demonstration (and a spelling mistake - it's not "ngiri"). In the flash program, one player takes a handful of black stones and the other guesses with one or two white stones. Black and white should be reversed.

Thank you for catching this stuff, folks. Alas, I made the program when I was all-fired up about Go, but not careful or wise enough to check it before releasing it (and deleting the source, alas).

Because the program is designed for beginners, I still don't think these are things that urgently need to be addressed for most who view the app, but nevertheless I agree they are important.

I've been meaning to make a page like this for a while, but insofar as it already exists, I shall merely add a link here from the origin. Thanks again. -- Scartol

Kuolema Also, its "Kami no itte" not "Kame no itte"


And in the following situation black has no points at all instead of 21 as said in the flash.

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