Flower: I do not get the humorous aspect of this parody :) Could you explain? (Let me explain why I do not think of it as funny: I understand that most of Mr. Jasiek's Pages and research pertaining to Go Rules would be overkill for beginners. Yet he has also created several sets of simplified rules that are far more suited to beginners than rules that are typically used in Go Books. Thus a book of his on Go Rules for Beginners could become quite famous (if well received by the community)--Flower, 2007-07-17

unkx80: The fact that rules can be so complicated that many Dan players do not fully understand them, let alone beginners...

Flower: Ahh you refer to the Japanese Rules :) Aye I would not dare to call them easy to understand =] Even Mr. Jasieks simplification of them is kind of difficult to understand. That is what I love about some of the other rulesets though. They are easy enough to be understood by complete beginners :) --Flower, 2007-07-17

IanDavis: The humour is certainly not based entirely on Robert Jasiek's love of rules, there should be two other reasonably obvious Go reference points there. Simple rules are appreciated, Les regles Strasbourgs already received a prize from the Iwamoto Foundation in a competition for best promotion of Go from the European Go Center. This parody does not base itself on simple rules.

willemien: I like the page, and I would also buy the book. where would put that me in the discussion?

RobertJasiek: Some good jokes inside and on the cover. The best is 6.1c. But overall the parody is only of average level. Read the book and you can create more laughters.

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