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This page lists various websites or pages offering maps of Go clubs, players and organisations.

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On Open Street Map

This database of go clubs is free for you to edit: [ext]

As of 2019-04-23 it includes some 553 clubs including 75 in the UK, 74 in the US, 70 in Italy, 46 in Russia, 27 in Canada, 23 in Switzerland, and 21 in the Netherlands.

It feeds into this map: [ext]

Map started by [ext] David Richfield because he loves [ext] OpenStreetMap and wants a pretty go clubs map.

On Google Maps

Intended to be a map of all the go clubs in the world, but it also has layers for individual Go players, national Go associations, and internet Go servers.

As of 2019-04-23 it shows approximately 8 servers, 20 individuals and 120 organisations, of which approximately 70 are in Europe, 13 in North America, 7 in South America, 7 in Africa, 15 in Australasia, 5 in the Near East and 8 in the Far East.

Interactive Google map - [ext]

Map started by [ext] Dylan Carter because he “liked the old igolocal”.

First launched in 2019, [ext] was built to serve as the definitive map for Go clubs, Go players, and eventually Go events. It aims to differentiate itself by being up-to-date and accurate.

As of 2020-9-12 it shows some 267 clubs and 217 Go players.

Club data was first populated by hand, but soon club organizers and players were able to add the information themselves. The site automatically emails organizers to ensure the information is current and it will soon give visitors the chance to mark information as out-of-date or inaccurate.

WhereToPlayGo is only the start of The Go Hub at [ext] Baduk Club with much more functionality to come. The site also provides club admins data on how often their listing was viewed and when. And it also allows meetup attendees to record their games against one another.

The map was created by Devin Fraze to ease the new player experience, enhance Go communities, and assist Go organizers to better serve their communities.

Derek Meer was the developer for the initial map.

(HISTORY) As of 2019-09-30 it shows some 61 clubs and 15 Go players, of which 2 clubs are in South America, 2 are in Asia, 12 are in Europe, and the rest in North America

Host site of, please see the above post.

Defunct map sites

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