Manitoba Open 2006

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The ManitobaOpen 2006 Results courtesy of the ManitobaGoAssociation

Honourable Mentions:

Tromp, John 3d came all the way from amsterdam to visit and was able to join us in our tournament. [ext]

Wataru, Minami 3d from japan, was visiting his family until jan 2007 and not only did he join our tournament, he has become a regular member of our meetings.

Yang, Jing 7d currently the strongest in Canada regularly graces us with his presence and teaching.

Wang, Hu 1d for giving up his restaurant for the tournament for 2 days, and planning a fantastic meal for us.


Division A:

Grand prize winner is Yang, Jing 7d. Prize was $100 + Name on MGA trophy. 2nd Place is Tromp, John 3d, who chose a the prize of a book.

Division B:

Pending Results for 1st and 2nd place winner. Both will win books as 1st and 2nd place winners when complete.

Detailed Results

A Division:

Round 1:

Noga, Colin 1d Wataru, Minami 3d (winner)

Yang, Jing 7d (winner) Alfa 1d

Wang, Hu 1d (winner) Elliot, Chuck 3d

Zhen-Rong, Shi 6d (winner) Tromp, John 3d

Round 2:

Wataru, Minami 3d Yang, Jing 7d (winner)

Wang, Hu 1d Zhen-Rong, Shi 6d (winner)

Noga, Colin 1d (winner) Alfa 1d

Elliot, Chuck 3d Tromp, John 2d (winner)

Round 3:

Yang, Jing 7d (winner) Zhen-rong, Shi 6d

Noga, Colin 1d (winner) Wang, Hu 1d

Tromp, John 3d (winner) Wataru, Minami 3d

Round 4:

Yang, Jing 7d (winner) Noga, Colin 1d

Tromp, John 3d (winner) Zhen-Rong, Shi 6d

Round 5:

Yang, Jing 7d (winner) Tromp, John 3d

B Division:

Round Robin Tie Game:


1 Keystone|x.

2 Michael.|1.x.1.1.0..3

3 Brian...|0.0.x.0.0..0

4 Armin...|1.0.1.x.1..3

5 Akira...|

Single Elimination Results:

Round 1:

Akira 19k (winner) Michael 25k

Armin 9k (pass)

Round 2: (pending results)

Akira 19k Armin 9k


Jogo Canada: (

We thank Jogo for all the supplies (clocks, boards, etc), and we thank them for letting us use their building every tuesday night (formerly wednesday night) for meetings.

River Mandarin:

The River Mandarin Restaurant has a very unique cuisine, with people from all over the world coming to Winnipeg just to sample it. Wang, Hu the owner is a great go player and talented chef. He lets us meet to play go, and has been kind enough to let us use his building for the upcoming go tournament!

Manitoba Go Association:

The MGA is proud to present the upcoming Manitoba Open to Winnipeg Manitoba. We extend a large thank you to the Alberta Go Association, Alberta Sabaki Go club, Luke Yao Chung, Chuck Elliot, and all the go players in Alberta.

Alberta Go Association and all of its members.

For teaching me how to run a tournament, and all the support you have given go in Canada and Manitoba. We will continue to support you, and thank you for everything.

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