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(080325) I saw Maître Lim last saturday at the Paris Go tournament. Among other things, he made the following comments on a recent Lee Sedol fuseki. The game is from the 12th Samsung Cup, final round 1 (2008-01-21) -- Park Yeonghun vs. Lee Sedol (White).

The game : 1-10  
The game, 11-20  

After W20, a-b-c followed.
Now Lim suggests the pincer at W8 should be at a57[1]. He gives the following alternative to W9, giving a better result than Sedol's play:

B Lim's suggestion  

After this, White can resist, but it depends on a ladder:

B ladder?  

The ladder's good for Black.

Lim's suggestion: follow-up A  

As the ladder isn't good, White has to atari on the other side at W1. After White 7, what should Black play? Answer:[2]

W Lim's suggestion: follow-up B  

Lim did explore another set of variations, unfortunately I can't really remember now. Did it start with this?

Lim was also scathing about B19, which according to elementary go theory should be on the other side ("open up new territory", "don't play close to strong stones"...)

Black is over-concentrated  

After 10, a-b-c-d-e and Black is over-concentrated.

Lim does not think much of current top pros' fusekis.

Maître Lim is 85 years old.

[1] Using Audouard coordinates here.

[2] White should play keima on the second line at a28. The position doesn't look good for White. (When Lim asked me the question, I could only come up with a27.)

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