The answer is "no!".

The first side.  

Note the opening sequence, which is forced. Then a is the only direction, which works.

The next 3 sides...  

The key to the puzzle is seeing that White can turn Black back against the stones again... into a spiral. If you haven't read ahead for the rest yet, do so before scrolling down, it's very rewarding to have read that many moves ahead!

The pattern emerges... read the rest of the way!  

hotcoffee: Black probably regrets not tenuki-ing after the very first white move...

Harry Fearnley: When White plays atari at _1_, why does Black not simply capture all the white stones by playing at _a_?

fractic: When White plays W1 the white chain has two liberties left. One at a and the other one under B2.

LongestLadderProblem/Solution last edited by fractic on August 31, 2008 - 03:59
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