Light play example 2

  Difficulty: Advanced   Keywords: MiddleGame, Shape, Tactics
After the probe  

This is one of the common sequences after the probe W1 in Black's enclosure. How should White continue after Black attacks at B6?

White 1 is light  

W1 is light, because it doesn't place too much importance on the white+circle stones.

Black tries hard  

Black here seems too interested in cutting White. After B5, it is clear that Black has bad shape. The cutting points at a and W6 are both serious.

Black is too keen to capture  

If Black concentrates on capturing White's two stones, White will be happy. The ponnuki with W4 gives White good shape; and Black has a problem.

Black has changed the order of play by cutting immediately at B1. That goes against the 123 principle. In this case Black has no good way to continue. Black at b isn't interesting, but there is nothing better.

White plays heavily  

White should be reluctant to play W1 here, in order to connect together securely. This is heavier, and the exchange of W1 for B2 is a local loss.

Bill: Calling W1 heavy seems unwarranted, since it occurs almost as frequently as the immediate jump in professional play.

Light play example 2 last edited by Bill on September 20, 2007 - 03:25
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