Simple solution?  

AVAVT: W1 is the best White can do here IMO.

Black's dead  

This way it'll be really bad for Black.

But if black answer W1 at 3...

White doesn't get much  

White gets only 2 stones and some ko threats...

Herman: After capturing these two stones, white has only one eye, so will have to make a second one...


So here, B14 leads to disaster, and should be at W17, allowing white to capture four stones for a second eye.

But can black do better?


How about this, for example?

AVAVT: oh sorry, I forgot the lack of eye, it was really hasty of mine >_<

How about this, then:


White can play at a to make 2 eyes, if Black play a White can play b for a ko:

Herman: Yes, now because of W3 and W5, the position of the two white+circle marked stones makes sense. I'm not sure whether this is the full solution, maybe white can live without ko?

Ko threats  

Dave: This is an interesting ko position aside of tsume-go considerations. When B starts the ko at B1, White should play W2 as the first internal ko threat. If Black answers at a, then after winning the ko at b White can capture nine additional stones with c for extra profit. This increases the burden on Black. On the other hand, if Black answers W2 with d, White ends up with many additional internal ko threats: a (Black captures two stone with e), throw in at a (Black captures with B2), cut at f (Black plays g), capture two stones at c (Black recaptures), White atari at the marked Black stone (if Black wins the ko on the left instead of connecting, Black can not connect at a after White captures at c so the ko continues).


Dave: My first thought is that this is the type of problem where White cuts at W1 instead of W2. Black's shortage of liberties means that B6 and W7 lead no where. Now Black can not atari at a and White can live with b or c. If Black plays c instead of B6, White peeps at a and descends at d after Black connects at b. Black can not play B6 now due to shortage of liberties.

Unfortunately this all reverts to the main line when Black answers W1 with B3 instead of connecting at B2 :-(

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