Leather Scroll Problem 115 / Attempts

B4 @ white+circle, B8 @ white+circle, W9 @ B2  

unkx80: I think B6 should be at B10.


Second attempt

B8 @ black+circle, B10 @ black+square  
B10 at B8, B12 at black+circle  

unkx80: What about this? If W5 at a, and then B6 connects as well.

herman: Looks like it will revert to my second diagram above (labeled "escape") then?


ThorAvaTahr: I have my doubts about the sequence above;


ThorAvaTahr: nothing works for white here...

I would be wonderful if we could convince black to play at the marked point

Herman: Yes, this is the same objection that unkx80 posted above :-) As i answered there, in the end it probably ends up something like my diagram labeled "escape".

ThorAvaTahr: Ok, but be careful, the next diagrams give black sufficient time to reinforce the thin side

B12 @ black+circle ; B14 @ black+square  

ThorAvaTahr: So perhaps the clue of this problem is to play a at the correct timing.

B14 at black+circle; W17 at black+square  

ThorAvaTahr: This is an attempt at the correct order of moves. White would live due to sufficient outside liberties.

Herman: Black is probably better off allowing white to escape. The diagram I posted above leads to ko, but black may also consider something like the following:

escape (W21 @ a)  

Incredibly painful for white.

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