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Can white escape ?  

Hmmm. Even in the 'obvious' example above, in a more realistic position (more surrounding stones I am not very good at creating problems, I am sure others can think of better examples), it is not at all clear whether white can escape or not. Note that many stones may seem irrelevant until you read it out all the way. I am not saying that shortcuts cannot save you time in some cases, but that you need to be very careful about when you apply shortcuts (tricks/cheats :^) and when you do not.

Maybe not.. ?  

Sr76 - You might have used a trick here cause I can't see how to kill white.

Now W under 6, what can black do? - B answers left of 6, W can now connect to the lower left group - B answers under 7, W kills left ok 6 and can connect or make 2 eyes - else where seems useless also

QWerner I think this will be on solution. White can not escape. I tried some other variantions but no one works for w.

Can white escape I ? (I)  
Can white escape ? (II)  

11 right from 9, 12 under 2 and 13 under 12.

Malweth: It really is a ladder :) White almost escapes, but Black has a squeeze tesuji.

Strongest response (I)  
Strongest response (II) (4 connects)  

Black extending at W2 would fail.

QWerner: Right Malweth, you solution from W is stronger than my first solution. So I tried not to use "W's Strongest response".

How about this variation. I found a solution where B has to capture 19 stones. I didnt post it because I am not shure if B played proper.


QWerner:May be this example should get a new side. I think this example do not belong to the title "Edit Ladder/reading techniques"

Malweth: Probably... it's not really a technique, just a ladder/net tesuji problem. I'd place it on the order of a "B" level problem from the Segoe Tesuji Dictionary.

My solution for the Variation:


White can try a lot of things after this, but I think they all fail.

Another problematic variation:


I believe White partially escapes with the following:

(1-10) oiotoshi  

Perhaps there is something better for White?

Can white escape ?  

unkx80: Since Black has no direct ladder... why not this?

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