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thanatos13: this is it, right?


kb: Doesn't work. Even without the white+circle stone, W8 at a captures three stones.

unkx80: This appears to be one of those problems where the original problem poster has left SL a long time ago, yet nobody here is exactly sure of what solution to expect.


I suspect the intended solution is something along this line: the key is to force W6 and W8 so that B9 can separate the White stones at the top.

togo: W2 at W4 seems to be enough to defeat this plan.

Foiling the plan  

togo: Aforementioned refutation with a continuation (B11 to W14 at a to d).


togo: Maybe ko is the solution (B11 at a).

togo: Oh, well, forget it: White at b saves the white group (Also with eg. B3 at B5 and W4 at B3).

White dies  

BCh Maybe this ? White is short of liberties so he can't kill the black stones.

Ko ?  

BCh I don't see how to avoid a ko after white 6, but that's a ko that black takes first. B3 is not a ko as white can force a, b after B5

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