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from KuniShiro

Moves 11-30  

Hikaru79: It's been a very long time... I'm guessing KuniShiro doesn't want to finish this :( Anyone want to step in as white for him? ^_^

Moves 11-20  

Hikaru79: Sorry about the wait! =D B11! Kushi: No, I'm sorry. ;|

Moves 1 - 10  

Hikaru79: So can anyone participate in this? Can more than one person play? Or do you have something planned for this? ^_^:;

Kushi-anyone may play - I left a little note on my userpage. I'm tickling shodan, how strong are you? If you require a large handi, maybe it would be a good idea to play with low handi, and leave the game open to anyone. :)

Hikaru79: =P After reading tickling shodan, I must say that I am tickling single-digit-kyu... but let's just have some fun anyway! =D B1, B3!

Kushi - OK! :)

IanDavis so is this joseki?

Hikaru79: B9! I'd be very surprised to find out that it was, Ian! =P



On B15  
On W16  

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