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Niklaus: While checking out what other games besides Go will be played at the Italian Mind Sports Olympiad (5.-8. December 03 in Milano), I ran across a game named KlinGo, which apparently is supposed to be a klingon variant of Go. Does anybody know what it's about? Google found a page showing [ext] pictures of people playing it, however I couldn't figure out the difference to real Go apart from the fancy (not very tasteful imo) equipment... Has anybody played it and can tell me more about it?

By the way, if any of you are going to participate too (in the standard go tournaments :), please drop me a line.

starline: I think this stuff looks great! For a while I've had the idea of fancy boards and stones with pictures on them - my idea was starwars, with drawings of spaceships (or Yoda and Darth Vader) on the stones - so not far off what they did here. I think that it would be great way to market go and get the game into some highstreet stores. You could have different go sets for each major new film released, e.g. spiderman-go, shrek-go etc. BTW, I noticed that the last photo on the website is of the game 'Borg-Ello' which appears to be othello - with the same kind of fancy equipment.

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