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Who am I?

I'm a Dutch go player since 2004. I used to take othello pretty serious with my best result the qualification for the World Championship. I play go mainly on the LittleGolem server.

Personal notes and points that need attention

12.10.2007: Sente! It really hurts when your opponent plays a sente move where it should have been your sente. Do not underestimate those double sente moves!
04.05.2006: A stone that is remotely away can be a supporting one when the group is running away. If a group can run away, it's considered safe. So, if a tenuki helps to occupy a big territory, or helps to establish a big moyo, and remotely supports a group it serves two purposes (big point+helping the remote-group). Be aware of creating a target for your opponent to hunt for.
30-04-2006: Try to figure out the meaning of your opponents moves. If he plays a small eindgame move in the middlegame, then there is a big chance there's something more behind that.
2005: Once every while (every 10 moves?) hold to take a good look at the total board position and judge the consequences of your local play on the global situations. Are your groups still ok?
2005: Don't let your opponent play san-san without a very good reason.


12/10/2007: I've reached my highest ever rank: 4.0 LG kyu. My rival, euh.. friend, which is also improving, but I've always managed to stay ahead of him by two or three stones, can't be fooled by me anymore. I really need to make some vast improvements :)

15/03/2007: I'm now between the 5 and 6 LG kyu. I advanced to rung 24 on the local club ladder (see below) when I won a 6 stoned handicap games against a Dutch 4d. I realised that the more you play go, the.. more you want to play go. Last week, I played 'over the board go' on 5 of the 6 evenings.

01/09/2006: Still at 7/8 LG kyu. I've stopped playing monthy cups (handicap games), and I only play against players of my own strenght now (rating tournaments). Last month, I won a 5H game against a Dutch 5d and I'm doing better at the speed-go club ladder. Here's a message I received today from my teacher:

From:	 	Tim Shih
To: 		klaashaas
Date: 		2006-09-01
Message: 	The difference is: in the past, whenever you
	started a fight, I was basically happy because
	most likely I might end up profitting more. But
	today, whenever you start a fight, I am worried.:)

15/07/2006: I'm still at 7/8 LG kyu, but enjoying go a lot. Still improving, I guess. I'm pretty excited, because I just played a simul against Alexandre Dinerchtein, with 9 stones Handicap and I won!

01/03/2006: I reached the 6 LG-kyu. I'll probably drop again soon, because I can't give 9 LG-kyu players three stones yet, but fact is that I am improving.

01/01/2006: I've set a new goal for next year: 3 kyu at the end of 2006. Pretty ambitious, but my first goal of 4 kyu was no option, according my teacher Tim Shih, since four (四) is pronounced almost the same as death (死) and therefor is an unlucky number in Chinese. So, 3 LG-kyu is my goal. Tim's goal for this year is 5 LG-dan.

23-12-2005: Hurray, I've reached my goal for this year: 8 LG (LittleGolem) kyu. Currently, I'm even ranked 7 kyu, but I think I'm a steady 9 kyu.



Please leave your comments, questions and messages here:
allfather : (a.k.a HeWhoWalksInShadows) Well old friend, it appears we are at it again, and this time on DGS.

klaashaas : Yep, and enjoying them:) Might be the last time we'll be playing on DGS, though, since I really prefer LittleGolem.


I also play in a local Go club in Tilburg. My ladder rung for 12 minutes per person games at the club is somewhere in the high twenties.

Club Members:



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