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This page is a complaint page and was refreshed during the Day of Amnesty.

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Just as in the real world, there are good apples and bad apples, there's bound to be good admin and bad admin. It's a sad fact that not all people can handle "power". Since there's a page that awards "BEST" admin to recognize the work of some wonderful admin, there should be a page that also shows the "not-so-pretty" half of some of the people that has been entrusted to administrate our beloved KGS server.

Hopefully, by the creation of this page, there will be some recognition about "questionable" work of some admin that might lead to better and clearer standards for admins in doing their job.


How this works

Please submit your KGS nick when you vote.

I would like this page to be transparent. If you feel you have a valid complaint against an admin, there shouldn't be a need for you to be anonymous. KGS isn't run by a Gestapo-inspired admins, so there shouldn't be any repercussion even if you post your KGS nick here when you nominate. So if you don't dare to come out and say it outright, then don't bother. This probably will discourage people from posting, but in the long run i feel this will be more beneficial as to give more credibility.

You don't have to actually feel you've been wronged yourself by an admin to qualify you to vote. Even if you only observed and disagree with the conduct of an admin, feel free to cast your vote here.


To nominate a new admin, simply add the new nominations. And add your KGS nick as the first vote. Nominated since January 1, 2014:

Muttley **** I proudly accept this award on behalf of worst admin everywhere. Signed, Le Chien avec le sausage.

Tealc - really aggressive one

Bolbi <--------- definitely that thing is the worst admin ever.


BigDoug - kmr (i have no idea why BD as clearly worst admin of KGS isnt here, so i remove this mistake)


Herod - he might be not worst, but also very bad. Calls other ppl "suckers" and provoke them. He not only not fit position of admin, but should be banned as regular user.

Herod - so bad he needs to be mentioned twice.

Herod again - he is so damn bad, that he should be mentioned not only twice.

Chief admin (whoever that currently is) - for alowing ppl like Herod and BD being admins.


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