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KGS-Automatch is a setting enabling direct automatic pairing of playing partners on KGS
according to preset conditions - if they are met!

Here is the [ext] KGS automatch feature help page.

Velobici: Is the automatch feature of KGS so wow that it should have its own page rather than be mentioned on the KGS page ?

I don't have an opinion on that matter. tderz

Gougou?: To make automatch more popular, here is an idea: when you press automatch, you automatically challenge all of the open games that are within your specification. This would get you a game even quicker, and hopefully would make automatch more useful in the future.

rlshutt: Im trying to understand where automatch gets its candidates to match. does it search certain rooms or does it have a separate list somewhere of those who have pressed "automatch" or what ?

RueLue: Opponents are chosen from all players with 'Automatch' switched on and matching settings. Those games are not played in a room. Some more questions are answered on the [ext] KGS page 'Automatch'

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