Jacqueline Go

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Jacqueline Go
Author: Jacqueline Peter?
License: proprietary
Price: none (sept.'12)
Category: player
Operating system: Mac...
...(older versions: + Linux, Win[1])
Reads format(s): sgf
Writes format(s): sgf
Languages: English, German, Schwiizerdütsch
Stable Version: 2.1 (apr.'09)
Development status:
Programming language: Java, C
Homepage: [ext] informatrix.ch/informatrix/go
Size of installer: 10mby
Connect to engine(s) by GTP: yes
Number of engine presets: 1?
Infos last checked:

Jacqueline Go is a freeware player and configurable GUI for GnuGo.

Last version is 2.1; version 1.3 (still a Java program) came with own Java runtime version 1.3 (~18mby), the program (.jar) itself were just 350kby (including 9x9 engine).

Gnugo 3.8 (included in the download) is configured as (external) engine.

The Mac-version can be downloaded here: [ext] informatrix.ch (9-'12) ; the engine is programmed in C (since vers.1.5), while older versions had the engine programmed in Java and could also play on Windows or Linux.

Special Features

Interesting: it can be configured to have the GUI with Swiss dialect of German (Schwiizerdütsch: "Elektroneghirn" for computer, "Spile mit Pschiisse" for takeback allowed)

At informatrix.ch they write, that Jacqueline Go (2.1) has a built-in engine for 9x9 games. Older versions of this program had the built-in engine coded in Java, which showed continually the current score.[2]

You can view ("and edit") simple sgf files (vers.1.3: one branch only).


[1]Use Jaqueline Go in Linux and Windows
Apparently the downloadable file (.dmg) is for Mac systems only. But there is a trick: use the [ext] 7zip program to unpack the .dmg-file. Dig in the folder you got and you will find Jacqueline\Jacqueline.app\Contents\Resources\Java\jaquelineGo.jar. This is the file you need: you got Jaqueline Go 2.1 and can run it with your current Java. Apparently this version has no built-in engine (or it cannot run in Windows/Linux), so you need to configure the program to find your local GnuGo.

[2]Built-in engine
At informatrix.ch they write, Since Jacqueline Go can only play 9*9 Go, you must select Gnu Go as a player, if you want to play 19*19 Go. Seemingly this engine is not coded in the .jar file, but separatey and in the C language. -- RueLue

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