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In Irensei the player who have first 7 (Black exactly and White at least 7) stones in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line of his color wins, if no stone of these 7 covers any point on the outer two lines of the board. The irensei.exe that is offered under [ext] contains a computer opponent with 3 different strength levels and shows menu and dialog text only in Japanese language. If anyone wants to translate these texts (e.g. with [ext], it is necessary to get the Unicode numbers of the Japanese characters of all these shown text pictures. Unfortunately even in the output of the program Strings from Mark Russinovich for this irensei.exe I could not localize these texts. I also only found sites that provide such identification by specifying more complex parts ("radicals") of these characters ("kanji") from a list that contains 231 of such more complex parts. With such big radical lists I found these strings shown in irensei.exe after hours of search:

ぃれんセぃ / 囲連星 Irensei
...の勝ちです ... is winning
ファイル (F) File *
- 新規対局 A new game *
-- 黒番 (先手) Black (Initiative) *
-- 白番 (後手) White (White *)
-- 人間 Human *
-- コソピュータ Computer
-- キャソセル Cancel
- 終了 Quit *
ゲーム (G) Game *
- 待った (U) Take one move back
- 降参 (R) Resign *
設定 (S) Setting *
- あたり表示 (A) Mark stones that are in atari
- リーチ表示 (R) Mark stones that are only one stone away from a 7 stones winning line
- 最終着手表示 (L) Mark the last stone put on the board
出カ (E) F out *
- 棋譜 (SGF) Game record *
-- クリップボードに出カ (E) Sites in the Clipboard *
-- ファイルに出カ (S) F on the file *
- テキスト (T) Text *
へルプ (H) Help *
- 囲連星について (I) About Irensei
- 囲連星オフィシャルサイトへ (W) Irensei - the official website
- このプログラムについて (A) About the program
めなたの番べす You should first turn to *
CPUの番べす The number of all CPU *
* .. the original translation from [ext]

Are there any programs that find a kanji character (and their Unicode number) by specifying the elementary strokes (一, |, 亅, 丶, ノ, ...; altogether at most 20 different strokes) and the number of each of them in this kanji?

I'm a little confused, (not sure why Unicode is needed, the radicals traditionally number 214, and it looks like there are a few typos in the above Japanese)...but you can look up kanji and their Unicode numbers in any number of ways at WWWJDIC. Here's the multi-radical search page: [ext]

Do you require Unicode for localization? Looks like the wiki takes Japanese text: 井連星・いれんせい...but then converts it to Unicode, hmm.... Anyway, I could translate from screenshots if someone wanted to post them, (maybe even do a better than Google Translate! :) I'll check back here in a day or two.... --mkmori

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