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Internet Security of All Go Clients and Servers

Examples of Java Applications

Java applications include glGo and CGoban.

Examples of Native Applications

Native applications include [ext] Panda-IGS and wBaduk software.

Internet Security of KGS and CGoban

Firewall Settings

An intermediate solution on the application level configures the specific program's paths to CGoban.exe, java.exe, or javaw.exe for local IP addresses, remote IP addresses, and ports. Also see CGoban firewall settings.

Separating CGoban from Private Folders

Suppose one has created an InternetUser account under Windows and protected one's private folders according to (insert link to Internet Security page). Then e.g., open CGoban and it calls, e.g., javaw.exe. Now that in turn cannot and may not open an SGF from or save to one of the private folders.

CGoban and Vista's Integrity Levels

CGoban3 does not comply with Vista's integrity level design yet. It won't work if lowered to the integrity level Low because its or Java's access to the registry wants to access Medium level registry keys. Currently we need to wait for CGoban3 being recoded in part so that this new feature of Windows Vista can be used.

Watching Files Actions of CGoban

If you run CGoban as an application that calls Java, then the executable will be either java.exe or javaw.exe. Watch the latter's files actions in a process explorer, as is explained here (insert link to the Internet Security page).

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