International Internet Go Greeting

    Keywords: Humour, Online Go

Please post ideas for the international internet go greeting.

I suggest these as, though the originate in Japan there are no words actually used and so most people could at least grasp at the meaning. Any other ideas?

v(*_*)v (gg)

m(--)m (bowing man?) greeting thanks?

(o_O) (odd move)

(^_^)b (great move)

(-_-;) (oooopps)

(>_<) (aw crap) resign?

\(^_^)/ I win i.e. resign.

"This is just a suggestion, but how about this?:

o        o
I- [:.] -I

Obviously it doesn't look so good in a few different fonts, but maybe it could still work. The symbol represents two players sitting down and playing a friendly game. In the middle the Brackets represent the goban, and the colon and period represent the stones. The "o"s at the top are obviously the people's heads, the "I"s are their bodies, and the "-"s are their arms. Although I don't show the bowls here but the symbol can be improved. Also make sure that the "o"s are on top of the "I"s, because if they aren't (like above) it just looks wierd."

--Badger Forrest-Blincoe?

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