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hi I am igoalone. I play on KGS and DGS as Riani I am Currently ranked ? on KGS (haven't played in a while, but the graph shows 10-9k). Always have questions for listening ears.

% Puzzles I am working on.

19x19 diagram  
19x19 diagram  

KJD says that B2 is punishment for W1 when black+circle is in place. Continuation?

Uberdude This only really applies when black has already exchanged a for b (which helps black fight if white pushes through the gap between black+circle and 2). The point is without the B stone black would defend at c and then white would have sente to make the counter-pincer at 4. But with black+circle in place black can peep to fix the gap in sente and then play at 4 himself to secure his pincer stone and leave white with a weak group with no black weak groups to fight against.


Puzzle 2 part 1  
Puzzle 2 part 2  

Wtih a ladder breaker around (a) W1 no longer looks wrong and B2 at W3 is punished by the miai treatment . B2 is the only way to possibly force a capture. but the continuation after W3 is unclear. after B2 at W3, joseki shows capture at b, not the logical connection at B2. I have a few Ideas and I'll post them later.

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