Here is the stated problem:

Black to play  

C0nfuseki: Ensuring connection seems fiendish. However, this ensures that all possible moves can be trimmed early in thinking about the combinations. My only guess is attempting connection through an unfavourable KO fight.

There MUST be a better play than this!  
This one doesn't seem to work at first glance.  

Herman: This one works. After B5, White can't connect. W6 is pointless, you just capture it and White gains nothing. The more tricky question is: What if white blocks with W2?

Try living  

Bass: Maybe life in the corner would be ok? This is what I had in mind:

Connect if w resists  

If white resists, then black can connect because of the liberty problem created by B1.

Oops, white can cut by playing W4 at the marked point. So black needs another move..

Connect if w resists  

Looks like B7 cannot be contained, so white gets captured on the side this way.

IgoHatsuyoRonProblem127/Attempts last edited by on March 31, 2010 - 07:49
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