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After noticing that there is currently no Go program for the TI 83 (Plus) that fulfills my expectations I decided to write one on my own. Nontheless I appreciate the efforts that others put in writing their programs. Since I'm not very creative in inventing names I just called it "IGO".

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"IGO" enables you to play a game of Go on a 9x9 board using your Texas Instruments TI 83 Plus calculator.

It is written in Assembly.

Current Features

  • Players can pass
  • Players can resign
  • Suicide is prevented
  • Ko rule is implemented
  • Captured stones are removed automatically
  • Number of captured stones for both players is displayed
  • Current coordinates are displayed
  • Display whose turn it is
  • After two consecutive passes one player can remove dead stones. The result is calculated automatically.
  • Playing over unit to unit link cable is supported

According to the tests I have made so far these features work fine but of course there are most likely a lot of bugs I haven't found yet so I rely on your bug reports.


-For some reason, gets syntax error when running under ASM.

Keyboard Layout

"UP", "DOWN", "LEFT", RIGHT" - Move cursor
"ENTER" - Select menu option/Place stone/Remove dead stone
"CLEAR" - Exit game
"+" - Pass
"-" - Resign
"*" - Calculate result

How to run it

"IGO" doesn't use any shell like ION or MirageOS so you just run it using Asm(prgmIGO). Asm( can be found under 2nd - CATALOG.


There are two versions available. The only difference is the language of the on screen text. Be aware that these programs work only on a TI 83 Plus or TI 83 Plus Silver Edition. There is no version for the "normal" TI 83 yet.

[ext] Download English version
[ext] Download German version


Title ScreenMain menu
Ongoing gameBlack resigned

Plans for future additions

  • Komi
  • Handicap
  • Tsumegos
  • Load/Save games
  • Transfer games from/to the PC
  • Replay games
  • Port to TI 83
  • Make it available to MirageOS

Long term plans

  • 19x19 support with two display modes
    • Display the whole board - Stones will be quite small because of the limited resolution
    • Display only a part of the board similar to current 9x9 size and enable user to scroll
  • Write a version for TI 89 - I'm not that sure yet if this will happen because I don't even own one at the moment.


If you have a suggestion for a new feature or improvment of an existing one don't hesistate to add it here.

Also I welcome any other kind of feedback - I would like to hear your opinion about the program.


MrMormon: Here's the link on the ticalc website too: [ext] http://www.ticalc.org/pub/83plus/asm/games/igo.zip.

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