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Housebot is my newborn bot on KGS. It's birth date is sometime in March 2005. For the moment, I'll just make this page sort of a change log with any relevant links.

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Overall status:

  • A rewrite of the core program is under way (version 0.6).
  • As of June 2006, the bot is nearly able to resume online play.

HouseBot 0.6:

  • Started in March 2007?
  • A completely new bot. Designed from the ground up using an Agile programming approach, and written using [ext] d
  • Multi-threaded. Supports pondering (thinking on opponents' time), multiple control interfaces, searches that use multiple cores, and multiple simultaneous search types
  • Includes monte carlo searching option

HouseBot 0.5.x:

  • Based on a rewrite of the move value and move selection code to use object based values instead of a per-brain numerical value.
  • Large emphasis on using a score estimator fed with stone stability information. Both pieces of that (score estimator and stone stability) will continue to be enhanced throughout this development cycle
  • Still under development as of Nov 2006, but starting to make debuts on KGS

Housebot 0.4.x:

  • Added benson style unconditional life detection and support for accurately marking alive/dead stones at the end of the game.
  • Added handicap support (up to 9 stones)
  • Brain: Decrease Liberties - Value moves the reduce enemy chains to some number of liberties. (0.4.0 only valued atari plays higher...)
  • Brain: Protect Connection - Similar to protect_base but blocks enemy from passing between closely positioned friendly stones.

Housebot 0.3.x:

  • Switched to many simple brains (and stopped using Bouzy)
  • Brain: Gold Silver Grass - play in corners preferentially
  • Brain: Play Light - Don't play near other friendly stones
  • Brain: Increase Liberties - Extend/Connect to reach 4 liberties
  • Brain: Protect Base (Skirt) - Descend to block invasions
  • Beat its first human (so what if it was their first game after learning the rules several months prior!)

Housebot 0.2.x:

  • Added chain & liberty tracking
  • Understands stone captures and avoid suicide/ko

Housebot 0.1.x:

  • Brain based computation
  • One brain for legality (don't play on top of other stones)
  • Another brain for score estimates - Bouzy 5/21 Score Estimator

Housebot 0.0.x:

  • GTP operation
  • played along diagonal then resigned.

HouseBot last edited by on June 7, 2007 - 17:48
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