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I am a graduate student in UCSC. I am trying to write a thesis on open source GNU GO starting April 2004. my home page is [ext] http://www.soe.ucsc.edu/~harrywan ([ext] archived)

I founded the UC Santa Cruz GO Club(1998-2004).

I worked on SlugGo as my Master's project with David Doshay and Charlie McDowell? at UC Santa Cruz. Here are a few articles about this project:

  * [ext] http://currents.ucsc.edu/04-05/06-27/go.asp
  * [ext] http://currents.ucsc.edu/04-05/07-26/cluster.html
  * [ext] http://www.weddslist.com/kgs/past/3/

Personally, I believe computer GO programs are harmful to GO players. Because after many games with computer GO programs, human players develops BAD forms just like the computer program. This is true even for the best computer programs on the market today. I'd like to hear more thoughts from other GO players.

questions for you happy GOers,

I am trying to find a GO client that allows different version of GNU GO playing each other. (on UNIX, LINUX or PC)

better yet, a program that allows different GO program to play each other. I really would like to see igowin and GNU GO 3.4 play each other a few hundred times and see who wins the most in average. Does anyone know of such thing?

DougRidgway Try [ext] wtst ([ext] archived), or read gnugo-devel archives for stuff by max-d.

This is what I have done as far as testing, I tested various versions of GNU GO.

brief testing results:

here's the result from GNO GO 3.4 - vs - GNO GO 3.5.5. 3.5.5 is not any stronger from what I can tell. [ext] http://www.soe.ucsc.edu/%7Eharrywan/go/run/GNUGO3.5.5-play-GNUGO3.4/ ([ext] archived)

here's the result from GNO GO 3.4 - vs - GNO GO 3.4 cosmic, cosmic is not any stronger from what I can tell. [ext] http://www.soe.ucsc.edu/%7Eharrywan/go/run/GNUGO3.4-cosmic-play-GNUGO3.4/ ([ext] archived)

update: Dec 2004 The San Jose Saratoga Go Club is finally ready for alpha release. This means I am announcing it's existence to the community. One problem is how to look for a large facility and funding.

update: Jan 2005 The San Jose Saratoga Go Club is operational.

update: nov 2005 I have a few Go students at San Jose Saratoga Go Club. It gives me much satisfaction to see people learn this game.

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