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Current goal: Get to 10k on KGS.

May 2012: I begin my long journey towards becoming a top professional go player in the Kansai Ki-in. I read through the beginner's study section of SL.

June 2nd 2012: I realized May was rather unproductive, I'm still stuck in the beginner class on IGS. Because of that fact, I've started a new study plan. For anybody reading this after I inevitably change my study plan, I'll outline it here. Every day: go problems for an hour and review my recent games. Every week: Play a face to face game and replay a pro game. Every month: Play 12+ games and read a new go book.

June 10th 2012: I'm having a bit of trouble sticking to my study plan since I'm working so much overtime. I need to try to find a balance between working too little to have the money I need and working too much to keep to my study plan. I signed up for KGS+ and a goproblems pro account. I've also started playing on KGS.

July 1st 2012: In June I only played the minimum 12 games, I didn't get to play a single face-to-face game, I didn't get around to reviewing any pro games, and I didn't do go problems every day. I did manage to thoroughly read my book for the month. Overall I didn't do very well in June, so hopefully I'll do much better in July. I've added dailyjoseki.com to my daily portion of my study plan. I also determined the right amount of overtime, at my job, is none; I think, for the time being, extra study time is more important than extra money.

August 2nd 2012: I redid my study plan to be more in line with what I actually do, as opposed to what I'd like to do. This is mostly because my schedule is getting busier, and I won't have time to gradually work my way up to following my study plan like I had hoped. I'm also going to be taking a break from serious study for the month of August. I'm moving to a new apartment, starting a new semester, and a bunch of other stuff is going on that should all settle down by September. I'll still play go, study problems when I can, and reread stuff to stay sharp. I just won't be doing anything like reading a new book, or reviewing every game I play after I play it.

November 2nd 2012: Somehow my 1 month break turned into a 3 month break, but I'm back. I won't bore you with the details, but basically my life has been a mess and it's only now gotten back to a point where I have time for go. I'll be resuming my normal go study plan starting today.

December 21st 2012: I have to take a break again, not that I truly came back from my last break. I might as well give an explanation that goes into just enough detail (that is to say, very vague) to explain why I haven't been, and won't be, doing much of anything go related. I have an issue that tends to improve for a period of time and then go back to being bad. When I started seriously studying go, I was in one of those good periods which I had hoped would have lasted much longer. Things have again gotten bad, in September actually, but I tried resuming studying go anyways. That hasn't been working out, so I'm going to officially take a break again. I have a reason to hope that things may improve by late January, but if they don't I will almost certainly flat out quit. I'll return the first of February at the latest, even if it's only to say that I've quit. I will not respond to any inquires regarding this post.

April 9th, 2013 : My break went longer than expected again. I'm still not going into any details about what I've been going though, but it has been affecting all areas of my life, not just my go studies. I don't believe my situation will improve to the point that I can seriously study go again anytime soon. If there has been anybody reading these pages this will likely not be a big surprise but for the foreseeable future I will not be studying go at anywhere near the level I once did. If I ever get to resume my go studies, I will just keep quiet until I've actually accomplished something worth mentioning. I'll leave these pages here until I get around to deleting them.

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